Nov. 14th, 2009

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Today is my first scrap book class at the shoppe. anyone on facebook knows this. I must apologize for being totally annoying about that w/ my status. I have been up getting my tools ready. I have already decided my next make and take class will be a best friends page. I have ideas rolling around in my head I will work them out after tonight's hockey game. I am still working on Dragon Con 08 photos and I have yet to do my 08 Hockey book.

On the fam side of things, my parents are coming over the weekend of the 20th. Yeah.. I only get to see them a couple times a year. So I cherish the time. Yes I may even skip hockey games.
(insert Shock here)

Hockey - the sponsor families were assigned. There were not enough families willing to sponsor so 5 families were assigned two players. I was one of those families. I have the two french Canadians. Ian (meep) and the new guy Nicolas Boucher. Nicolas (we call him Nico) speaks almost NO English. So we are having a blast trying to get to know each other. Ian helps, b/c he speaks both languages fluently and has 3 years worth of experience listening to "southern". From what the guys say Southern is nothing like English. So it takes a bit to understand plus we all speak very fast. According to them. Who knew?

I started a blog for my craftyness. Cheryl likes here instructors at the shop to have one. It helps for posting out page samples, etc. For most of you anything posted here is nothing new to you but just incase you might wanna be blog friends. here is the link

Well off the the shower. on my prayer list: Countess Mary to fell better. Lil to find a job.


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