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Today was glut, upper legs and thighs day. Add a splash of Madeline hounding me not to give up and I had a great time. Right now I am so glad I have the gym. Job hunting is a sit on your a$$ job these day w/ your nose in a computer. I have enjoyed going to town everyday and doing something. Bike, Tread mill, or seeing Matt or Brian for more dedicated torture.

My first weight in, measure and second fat percentage measurement will be Tuesday. So I must eat well over the grill out holiday! Damn those no carbs 6 hours before bed. That and increasing my protein intake is killing me.

Thanks again and keep up the accountability and support.
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I have completed by first 3 PT sessions, legs, arm, core. I limped around a few days. In between I have been on the tread mill doing some cardio. I start my next leg session Tuesday. I have all weekend to work on my cardio by myself. I was shocked that there was one exercise I could not do. I don't know the "name" but you hang by your arms and lift your knees up (ab exercise). Absolutely could not do it. My arms were not strong enough.

Today i went to my doctor for my regular as rain 3 month sleep deprivation check up. Even b4 the gym, i was sleeping better. But since I started sleeping has been ROCKING.

The added unexpected bonus - LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE. Doc K thinks it is a combo of actually moving by butt and lower sodium foods. Plus I have been drinking a gallon and a 1/2 of water a day. Increased my lean protein intake to 100g per day. (this is very HARD for me), almost stopped drinking soda's and I am working on the coffee, but right now...i can't give up both.

Doc K also reduced my cymbalta from 60 mg to 30 mg.

This is so encouraging to me. I can't wait to get back to the gym for more.

Thanks you for all the support. Keep it up I am going to need it. It will get harder before it gets easier. I am sure.
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Many of you know that I have been a long time Weight Watcher. A stalled WW but a WW all the same. I have been considering some personal training for a while, since I have no experience exercising, I just kinda said, eh, and when on about my way.

Fate intervened not too long ago when a Gold's Gym coupon landed in my lap for free gym time and Personal Training sessions. Now, i am not silly. I know those things are meant to get you into the gym yadda yadda yadda.

This particular Gold's Gym is less than 5 mins from my job, open 24/7 and just happens to be the gym that my favorite hockey team uses. So I made some calls, sent some emails, discussed the things I was told, asked for referrals for people I met there. Once I was satisfied that I wasn't being lied to - I went for a health assessment.

The assessment was revealing to say the least. 42% body fat. Do the math, that is 90 pounds of fat. Poor Cardiovascular health was expected and achieved with flying colors. I sat down by myself and made some fitness goals. Not just a weight and/or size but things like defined arms, less stomach, less butt, beater heart health.

I have had two of my four free PT sessions and I am barley able to walk. I did purchase 16 sessions w/ a PT and signed up for the gym, so I can get unlimited tanning, body pump and spin classes. I have set some pretty high goals for myself.

Here is me trying to stay accountable.


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