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Saturday started out with the parade!! The parade has morphed into this non con goer's free peak at Dragon Con. Last year I had a panel that conflicted with the Parade but not this year. Taking a year off made the parade sort of feel like new. Not really though.

After the parade Dave and I went to the Walk of Fame and obtained two Peter Facinelli autographs (one for me and one for Stacey) and A bonus Justin Chon (Eric Yorkie) both are from Twilight. This was the year of the bargain pricing on autographs. Nimoy and Shatner were $75 each and I passed. Patrick Stewart was $200 - Passed. I didn't pay over $25 for any autograph. Sweet. So the inflated prices from the past two years seem to have changed. It was strange how every to walk through the Walk of Fame and to see so many autographs you already have.

Dave and I went to the Tom Felton Panel. Tom plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. He was very nice and pretty funny. We left there and tired to brave the Twilight Line but I was not willing to wait an hour to sit for 30 minutes before they came to speak.

Dave and I went to the Exhibitor Hall (one of them) and then I went back to the room to power nap. Dave walked around the other Exhibitor Hall. Then I attended the Sci Fi in YAL panel and chatted w/ Suzane and Bev.

The joke of the day was trying to find somewhere to eat dinner. Trader Vics - full, Food Court - packed, High Velocity - 45 minute wait. So we settled on a Mexican restaurant that was very busy.


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