Sep. 4th, 2009

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so known as "that line is how long?"

After a long day packing and getting ready, hugging cats, and dodging snakes in the driveway, Dave and I arrived in Atlanta to the absolute most ridiculous driving directions ever printed off the internet. We got off I-85 at 249D, merged on I-75 to get of at Exit 249A to get on the correct street for our hotel but alas in the right hand land when we needed to be in the left hand lane. I used the handy dorky map to hide my face while Dave forced the car into the left hand lane to get into the hotel parking lot. After the typical unload and hotel check in, we started toward the Sheraton to get our badges.

We rounded the corner to the hotel and saw two lines wrapped around the outside the hotel. Giggling secretly to our selves we walked in the Eternal Member's door and stopped to ask where we needed to go. "Follow the yellow tape" we were told. So we start out following the tape. We walk and walk and walk. Once we get to the back of the hotel we find the VIP room. Following the same general shape as the yellow tape, we found the "Pre-Pay/Ticketmaster" line. When we saw the vendor selling drinks, hot dogs and candy exactly the same way they do at a sporting event, we asked someone, How long have you been in this line? "3 hours they said". HOLY CRAP. I am so glad we did not have to get in that line. We lined up in the VIP/Eternal Member line and w/in 10 minutes had our badges and a whole box of free books.

Next up, off to the YAL room to help decorate. The ladies did seem to have things undercontrol. I dropped of my donations and my craft display. We chatted w/ Bev and Mary a bit. We put up some posters and Dave played with Eleanor. Once I confirmed the Blood Drive would be open, Dave and I stopped off for some dinner, then I donated blood. I have my really cool "bleeding" Coffee Cup from the Vampire Diaries and a T shirt I will never wear. But they did collect 447 pints on Thursday and still had the rest of the weekend to collect.

Friday started with the hope that we might get into the William Shatner and Lenord Nimoy panel at 10 am. We made it to the Hyatt in plenty of time. However the line was out the building two floors up and around the hotel. We had the option of going to the overflow in the Marriot, but that line was wrapping around the inside of the hotel. Since we knew the Clarks were on the way, we decided we would wait for them and watch the Shatner/Nimoy panel live from our comfy hotel room on Dragon Con TV. Nice! The Clarks arrived and w/in 30 minutes had their badges and we met up for lunch in the Food Court. We headed straight to the Walk of Fame for autograph hunting. Sadly (or not) my list was short this year. It had Tom Felton and Louise Fletcher scribbled on it. We waited say 20 minutes in the Tom Felton line and had no wait in the Mrs. Fletcher line. Easy peasy! The other autograph is Peter Fancelli and he wont be here until Saturday. SO....We then headed to the dealers room were we browsed all the stalls and made a few purchases.

Not too much excitinment for today. The crowds were terrible. With Shanter only being here Friday and part of Saturday all the newbies were here for only one day. I am glad to report we have not encountered any Con-Body yet. There was someone donating blood dressed up at the Predator. Wierd.

Oh and some how we ended up on the party floor. Ugh.


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