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pjslife ([personal profile] pjslife) wrote2009-09-13 02:05 pm
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Yard Sale at the Scrapbook Shoppe

I purchased space at my local scrapbook shop for their 'yard sale'. This is where the customers bring their scrap booking stuff they no longer wish to keep and they 'sell' it. In the end you get shoppe credit (which is awesome for me, with hockey season on the way) and I have a mega ton butt load of stuff from where I sold Creative Memories that is just sitting here doing nothing. Dave sold a lot of stuff on ebay. Packaged paper, etc.

I have spent a total of 6 hours getting stuff together for this yard sale and I have not even really addressed the single sheet papers yet. I am so shocked I have so much stuff. I have some stickers left to sort through. There will be some storage pieces as well.

It is really a testament to how much stuff you can acquire over the years. It is really shameful.

The yard sale is very popular. It opens at 9 am but people line up starting at 7 am to get in. It is really crazy.

I am not sure how to package the paper together. Does anyone have any ideas? It is 12x12 prints and 8x10 prints.


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